At 11:36 +0200 9/22/00, Xavier HUMBERT - Labo Informatique wrote:
>I have a classic Firewall with 3 networks : LAN, DMZ and Internet
>I have added a MacOS machine on the DMZ, while the Backup server is on
>the LAN, and I want to backup this machine.
>As expected, Retrospect can't see the remote client. Which port(s) does
>Retrospect Backup use to communicate with the client ?

I have a similar (although simpler: a single PC hooked to the network 
via a Mac acting as a router) setup. I port forwarded TCP port 497 
and UDP port 497 and backups are working fine.

What doesn't seem to be working, however, is when I tell the 
Retrospect server to show me the list of network clients. When I do 
that, the client behind my NAT machine shows up as "not connected". 
When I click the "connect" button it finds it just fine. My thinking 
is that the Retrospect server is using some other means to find the 
clients (not TCP or UDP port 497.) Could someone in the know tell me 
how Retrospect server finds out which clients are connected for 
display in the "Clients on Network" window? Thanks!

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