Hi Wade,

When you open the Clients on Network window, Retrospect only sends out its
UDP query for systems on the local subnet--it does not try to connect with
clients in other subnets which are logged in directly by IP address or DNS
name until specific communication with that client is initiated by a
backup/restore/duplicate operation.

It's nothing to be concerned about. =)

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

Wade Masshardt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> What doesn't seem to be working, however, is when I tell the
> Retrospect server to show me the list of network clients. When I do
> that, the client behind my NAT machine shows up as "not connected".
> When I click the "connect" button it finds it just fine. My thinking
> is that the Retrospect server is using some other means to find the
> clients (not TCP or UDP port 497.) Could someone in the know tell me
> how Retrospect server finds out which clients are connected for
> display in the "Clients on Network" window? Thanks!

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