I'm using Retro 4.3 on the B&W G3 backup server running OS 9.0.4, 
which also is the destination for the duplication (to an HFS+ disk 
partition). The source is coming off of a PC running NT 4 Service 
Pack 3 on an NTFS formatted drive. It's always the same files that 
get reduplicated (or so it seems as they go streaming by in the 
duplicate window--no file by file logs on duplicates). I can find no 
rhyme nor reason why it's the same files. They all have the same 
directory permissions as the root directory that gets sourced by 

>Subject: Re: computer synchronizing
>From: "Philip Chonacky" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 09:03:32 -0400
>Which platform are you running for Retrospect?
>I have found that there are enough differences between file info on 
>Windows and MacOS, that Retrospect would not match the same file 
>located on the two different file systems.  This could be especially 
>true if one volume is NTFS, since Retr.o for Mac doesn't recognize 
>the NT security settings.
>As a side not, I found this also to be true with Apple's folder 
>synchronization tool with one folder being on a PC formatted disk 
>and the other a Mac drive.
>Any one else care to comment?

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