> I'm coming from the PC world here, but there must be some Mac utilities out
> there for splitting large files up.  To see what I mean search for "file
> splitter" at http://www.softseek.com.  These are all PC utilities but if you
> follow some of the links to the home pages you may find that they also
> provide Mac versions as well.  Alternatively you could find a Mac software
> search site and search for similar programs.
> I guess the only question will be whether the programs can handle a file
> that size.  It seems most of these are designed for splitting files so they
> fit on floppy disks.

If you have StuffIt Deluxe (not just StuffIt Expander and/or DropStuff),
there is a utility called DropSegment that will segment a larger file into
smaller ones.

The only downside to this is that you need twice the disk space,

Glenn L. Austin
Computer Wizard and Race Car Driver

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