>I was thinking that it would require a program that creates some sort of
>proprietary zip file format that includes info about other files in the set.
>I suppose spanning could be used to this effect (which is built into most
>zip programs) but it seems to be tied to the floppy drive.  I suppose the
>best solution would be a program that let you set a "maximum file size"
>variable and then it would creat independent zip files.  It could even
>support it's own proprietary "index file" to keep track of groups of zip
>files and what's in each one.  Also, in this scenario, if one of the zip
>files was to get corrupted you wouldn't lose everything (as you do with

What you are describing is essentially what the RAR format does.

Do a search for "RAR" on:



Steve Axthelm
Mudpuppy Studios

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