Strange problem:


Backup Server:

PowerMac 9600/G4-450
Quantum DLT20/40
Asante 10/100 NIC
MacOS 9.0.4, minimal set of extensions.

Switched 10/100 ethernet - all clients are 100BaseT Full Duplex.

Mixed environment of G3 Macs with MacOS 9.0.4 and Pentium III Windows 
2 running Windows 2000, one running Windows 98.

I do a full backup Friday night through Sunday night.  Incrementals 
on weekdays.

The problem I am having is with the Windows 98 machine.  When I do 
the full backup, the backup server will freeze solid while backing up 
the Windows 98 machine.  Usually during the verification of the D: 
drive (after it has already done the C: drive)

Reboot, rebuild the catalog and the rest of the backups happen 
normally, including incrementals all through the week.

If I tell it to backup only the C: drive, it works fine, and it also 
works fine if I tell it to only backup the D: drive.  The Win98 box 
does NOT lock up or show any sign of anything abnormal happening. 
Only the Mac doing the backup freezes solid.

I'm getting ready to upgrade that Win98 machine to Win2k (for other 
reasons) so hopefully this oddity will go away.

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