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>          Can't initialize source, error -515 (Piton protocol violation)

I have one client (only) who repeatedly has this error. Last night was typical: -515 
error at 7pm, 7;30 pm, 8pm (approx), then the script went away & did another couple of 
machines, then when it came back to the troublesome one, it backed up ok.

Some nights I get a log full of -515 for this one client only. Then it backs up 
(eventually) & life goes on for a couple of nights before the -515's resume.

Talking with the consultant who looks after the owner of that machine, it's a fairly 
new PC, plenty of RAM & disk space so it's not under spec'ed. He's giving 
consideration to replacing the Ethernet card as it is "... a bit slow when opening 
directories" and there are a few networked drives it connects to.

Who knows? I would also really like to hear from others who have resolved instances of 
this error.
Cheers, Grae.
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