We have been having ongoing problem with G4 machines (Apple machines, 
not upgrade cards) dropping out of backups with 519 errors and 
leaving OT not working on the client machine (we can restore it with 
a sleep/wake as well as a restart).

We have not yet tried changing the protocol to AppleTalk...looks like 
that should be the next thing on our list.

Have you tried it with OS 8.6 and a G4?

Adrian Smith

>Although I've had GREAT fortune with Retrospect through the years, 
>I've recently run into a problem that has me stymied.
>I've just begun upgrading several client computers from older CPUs 
>to G4s.  While the rest of the 3 dozen systems on several scripted 
>backups continue to perform normally, the G4 I started using as my 
>desktop computer could not complete a backup without encountering a 
>Type 519 error after about 60-80 MB has been copied to tape.  What 
>makes this a little strange is that once the error has been 
>encountered, I find that Open Transport is no longer working for 
>either TCP/IP (the protocol in use for Retrospect) or AppleTalk. 
>The only remedy is to restart the system.
>I've replicated this failure on an out-of-the-box G4 on which only a 
>small suite of COTS (e.g., Office 98, Outlook 8.2.2) had been 
>installed.  I tried using the Extensions Manager to select "Mac OS 
>All" plus Retrospect Client, but the same failure occurred.  For 
>lack of any other ideas, I tried changing the protocol to AppleTalk 
>and "Voila!" the backups run to complete ... both systems.
>I've read the Dantz Tech Note covering Type 519 errors, but nothing 
>seems to apply.  I'll proceed with some of the advice even though I 
>can't think of why it should matter.  In the meantime I want to ask 
>the list if this sounds like anything you've seen before or if you 
>have anything to suggest based on the problem description.
>To the best of my knowledge, all software is at an appropriate 
>revision: Retrospect 4.3 (server and clients) and Mac OS 9.0.4. 
>Since several G3s on the same physical network wire operate w/o a 
>problem, I assume the network is physically sound.  If that's not a 
>proper assumption, I can isolate the backup server and the clients 
>to test them again using the TCP/IP protocol.
>Thanks for any comments or suggestions.
>Brooks Peters
>NAVSEA - NSWC, CarderockDiv
>Bethesda MD
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For urgent issues, please contact Dantz technical support directly at
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