Hi all,

While we do not "officially" support backup of machines connecting via
Airport, the following possible workaround may work for you. Note that the
reason we don't support backup via this protocol is that the data transfer
is not typically as reliable as Retrospect would require for backup.
Communication may be inconsistent or may fail all together when using
Retrospect TCP/IP via the Airport device.

Here are the steps for setting up backup over airport. If this doesn't work,
you may not be able to back these computers up without some kind of physical
connection. Please contact Technical Support if you have any other
questions, or if you would like help setting up a machine to back up over
Apple Talk.

1) On the client (the machine running Airport), look at the TCP/IP address
that you have been given by the Airport
2) Start the Airport Admin Utility (the program used to configure the
Airport module itself)
3) Select the Airport module and select the "Configure" button
4) Select the "Network" tab and then selected the "Port Mapping" button
5) Hit the "Add..." button and on the screen, fill in:
           Public Port: 497
           Private IP Address: The address from step 1 above
           Private Port: 497
6) Select "OK", then the "Done" buttons to get back to the "Update" tab.
7) There, select the "Update" button to force the reconfiguration of the
Airport Module. 
8) Quit the program and go to the Macintosh on the network that has
9) In Retrospect, go to the "Clients on the Network" screen and "Forgot" the
old version of the client.
10) Hit "Add by address" and input the TCP/IP address of the Airport module.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
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>> Does anybody know of a workaround for getting Retrospect clients to
>> work on an Apple Airport network that uses a software base station?
>> The Apple Airport site says that Retrospect may not work with NAT,
>> used by the Airport Software base station. It says that port-mapping
>> may work, but doesn't go any further.
> If the Airport base station is set to act as a DHCP server for the wireless
> clients, then the IP address of the client will quite possibly change on a
> fairly regular basis. If you want to do backups of wireless clients, you'd
> be much better of setting up the AirPort as a bridge instead of a NAT
> router. We backup several laptops this way, and it works well...though it
> does hammer the wireless bandwidth pretty hard!

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