I have (2) backup sets and scripts ( "Backup Set A" and "Backup Set B"  and
Script A and Script B).  Each Backup set has (6) tapes in a separate
magazine ( Magazine A and Magazine B ) which I use in my Surestore DLT 818
Autoloader.  I do not want Backup Set A tapes in magazine A to ever mix with
the tapes in "Backup Set B" magazine B.  However, If I forget to remove the
magazine on the day the script switches from A to B and there is an empty
tape on the inserted magazine, Retrospect will create a new tape labeled
with the other backup set and start backing up to tape causing a mix of
backup set A and B?  Is there anyway to stop this while still allowing
Retrospect to use an available tape if it runs out of room?   



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