Title: Re: How to keep Backup sets/tapes specific to a magazine?
I thought if you named a tape that Retrospect would NOT use it.  ???
Is that not true?
When Retrospect is waiting for a tape, the message on the screen says waiting for a blank tape named <script name> or empty. (or something similar)  I didn't think a script would grab it if the tape was named.

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Subject: Re: How to keep Backup sets/tapes specific to a magazine?


It's not pretty, but here's what we do:

We have a whole bunch of magazines and we assign a different backup set to each magazine (obviously).  But we only assign one backup set at a time to the single script.  Each week on Monday morning, it is someone's task to switch the magazine and manually edit the script to use the next backup set for the new magazine - at any given moment the backup script has only one backup set assigned to it.  Hope that makes sense.

I *thought* I remember someone from Dantz saying awhile ago that in a future version you'll be able to manually assign an empty tape to a storage set.  If you name an empty tape now, Retrospect still sees it as blank and will use it however it sees fit.  Granted, that's a feature, not a bug.  But it would also be a good feature to override that feature.  :-)

Mark Maytum
Pompanoosuc Mills Corporation

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       Subject:        How to keep Backup sets/tapes specific to a magazine?

I have (2) backup sets and scripts ( "Backup Set A" and "Backup Set B"  and
Script A and Script B).  Each Backup set has (6) tapes in a separate
magazine ( Magazine A and Magazine B ) which I use in my Surestore DLT 818
Autoloader.  I do not want Backup Set A tapes in magazine A to ever mix with
the tapes in "Backup Set B" magazine B.  However, If I forget to remove the
magazine on the day the script switches from A to B and there is an empty
tape on the inserted magazine, Retrospect will create a new tape labeled
with the other backup set and start backing up to tape causing a mix of
backup set A and B?  Is there anyway to stop this while still allowing
Retrospect to use an available tape if it runs out of room?   



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