I've used Retro's backup - to - FTP functionality a little, but now I 
want to go the other way around. The FTP server I want to back up is 
at a remote location, but I have full FTP access to it, but not shell 
access. There is only about 20MB of data on it but it is in a complex 
directory hierarchy with tons of little files.

I've been using Anarchie (ooops Interarchy) to copy the whole shebang 
to a Mac, and then use Retro to back up the Mac. The Retro part works 
fine, but I have a lot of trouble getting Anarchie to properly copy 
all the files to my Mac, it often seems to get hung up and time out. 
I think the server is a bit spotty, sometimes very reliable and high 
performance, other times not so great.

Anybody have a suggestion for a good reliable (and hopefully 
scriptable) way to get an entire FTP directory hierarchy on my Mac so 
that Retro can then back it up?

And wouldn't it be cool if Retro could back up an FTP site? -Steve

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