>Currently, we are using one DDS-3 tape drive for our entire local base of about 70 

>I am also interested in doing a remote backup of our NYC office. They have static 
>IPs, and could possibly be added to our backup sets.

>So, should I keep the same tape system (DDS-3) and get a new drive (auto-loader), get 
>an additional drive (poor man's auto-loader), or go with something new?

>Oh, Retrospect is running on a Mac vanilla G3. It *could* possibly be run on a MP G4, 
>with a SCSI card or maybe Firewire/USB if that was the way to go.

I'd replace the DDS3 drive immediately - they only last 2-3 years in my experience so 
you're probably on borrowed time already.

I'd do the remote office over TCP/IP, either to your new tape drive or to a holding 
disc then to tape.

Then I'd get an Exabyte M2 or a rackmount dual-drive Ecrix to back up to. That way, 
even with addituonal data to be backed up, you should be able to complete the backup 
overnight without changing tapes.


PS - I would strogly recommend not re-using the DDS drive anywhere. If you need 
another drive get another Exabyte or an Ecrix. Another Ecrix won't break the  bank, 
and then you have drive redundancy...

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