Are you backing up network data via the Retrospect remote clients or by mounting 
 If you are using the clients,  you could try throttling back the backup priority on 
the clients.
 You can also try switching to Appletalk protocol for remote backups.

Other things to consider
  Maybe its time to upgrade your sever or put Retrospect on a separate machine.
  The problems you are encountering could be directly related to overworking an 
under-powered machine.
  4D Server requires a fair amount of horsepower (I recommend running it on a 
dedicated machine).

Hope this helps

At 7:07 PM +1300 2/7/01, Owen Watson wrote:
>I'm running Retro 4.3 on my work Mac to backup the network. Unfortunately it seems to 
>take up all the network capacity on my machine, which leads to timeout problems with 
>network clients such as 4D Client and Eudora. Is there any way I can throttle back 
>Retro from 100% to say 90% of network capacity? Putting Retro in the background 
>knocks it back too much: it would be nice to have a bit more control over how much 
>network capacity is taten.
>Owen Watson
>at home in Wellington, New Zealand
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