Upgrading to 4.3 will mean that your current client licenses will be
cross-platform, as well as any additional clients you purchase.

For information on upgrades, get in touch with customer service:



> Hi,
> thanks, 
> I have retrospect 4.0 - so that means theonly way of doing it is to get an
> upgrade to 4.3 Does it  contain mac and windows clients?
> David
>> Subject: Re: adding one windows  user
>> Hi David,
>> The smallest quantity that the client software is available in is a 5 user
>> pack, but these are cross-platform licenses. If you have an unused license
>> now and your Retrospect application is 4.1 or later, you may use it for the
>> Windows client.
>> Regards,
>> Irena Solomon
>> Dantz Technical Support
>> 925.253.3050
>> ++++++++
>> Try our new Searchable Knowledgebase at:
>> http://partners.dantz.com:591/faq/
>>> A quick question. I have a lAN of about 10 mac users - I would like to add a
>>> windows user - what is the best way o doing it. Is it possible to get a
>>> single user windows client? Or do I need to buy a 5 user package.
>>> Regards
>>> David

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