>> We are having problems backing up G4s over the network. Basically, they get
>> part way through the backup and then Retrospect looses the connection. The
>> problem seems to be at the G4 end as once this has happened they have lost
>> network connectivity until the next restart (sleep and waking seems to
>> restore it as well).
> Back in November I started a thread on problems we were having
> getting G4s to backup over our 10Mb Ethernet network...
> Just to update everyone, we have found that switching the clients to
> AppleTalk rather than TCP/IP has eliminated all the errors we were
> experiencing (As suggested by Brooks Peters in the thread "G4
> Client's OT Wiped Out by Backup via TCP/IP"). The backup is not as
> quite as fast (say 40 MB/min vs 50) but it does work.

A timely thread!  I just today moved our DAT drive (HP SureStore DDS-3
external) from one machine to another, and copied all the Retrospect stuff
to make it the new machine.  I've immediately got this 519 error backing up
my own G4.

The old Retro backup machine was a beige G3-266 desktop, motherboard 10T
Ethernet, running 9.0.4.  The new machine is a beige G3-300 desktop, Asante
10/100 card, 9.0.4, and using a Miles Bluenote SCSI card instead of the
motherboard SCSI port.  My G4 machine is a 400Mhz "Yosemite" (AGP graphics)
version.  I haven't been having problems with it until the move.

One of the previous messages indicated the problem occuring on a 10T
network, otherwise I'd suspect the (presumably OT) problem might be getting
exposed by the higher throughput now that the G3 backup machine is on 100T,
as the G4 has always been.  Can anyone else confirm seeing the problem on a
10T only network?

Our other two G4 machines are the older 400Mhz "Yikes" motherboards (PCI
Graphics) from the original introduction, and so far I haven't seen 519
errors from them.  We just got two new 533Mhz G4s, with 9.1, and I'll see if
they have a problem, or if 9.1 makes the problem go away on the AGP G4, and
post the results here.

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