>We have 519's like a rash when backing up over a mixed 10/100 
>network using 3Com SuperStack 10/100 autoswitching hubs. Backup 
>server is a beige G3 266 tower with a DDS-2 DAT drive.
>519's are the order of the day with the one G4 machione. It has work 
>files on an external 12 Gb FireWire drive and I think we've only 
>once had an error-free backup. Changing to AppleTalk did not help in 
>any way.
>Some days most machines (20+) give a 519 which makes me think 
>network or backup server.
>I am going to test a Cisco Catalyst Switch (with Spanning Tree 
>turned off) and see what happens.

This is a problem i have been fighting for 6 months now. Exactly the 
same symptoms on a blue and white G3. I have found a workaround, if 
you turn on link encryption the backups work 100% reliably, but i 
still can't interrogate remote clients or upgrade clients remotely.

these problems started when we installed a hp procurve 2424m  as our 
central switch...

good luck

Lindsay Robertson

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University of Otago
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