Here's an oddity.  I used to get a lot of 519 errors when I had DAT 
tape changers, but since switching to DLT I hardly have any problems 
and the problems I do have are directly related to the end users 

I ran DLT on a mixed 10BaseT with Hubs and switches for about 6 
months before I moved to a new building and have 10/100 switched 
(Cisco 5500's) network.  All of the machines I back up now are 
100BaseT full Duplex.  The Mac I was doing the backups on is a 
9600/G4-450.   The machine I am currently doing the backups on is a 
7600/G3-250.   I built a cable to connect the external DLT drive to 
the internal SCSI bus. because the internal bus is SCSI-2 Fast 
(10MB/sec) while the external connector is only SCSI-2 (5MB/Sec).

The speed difference between the two machines only dropped 2-3MB/min 
on average (averaging about 100MB/min).   The 7600 is a good 
combination.  Low volume Filemaker Server during the day, Retrospect 
backups at night.

>>One of the previous messages indicated the problem occuring on a 10T
>>network, otherwise I'd suspect the (presumably OT) problem might be getting
>>exposed by the higher throughput now that the G3 backup machine is on 100T,
>>as the G4 has always been.  Can anyone else confirm seeing the problem on a
>>10T only network?
>Absolutley - we see it on a 10T unswitched network that can be as 
>slow as...insert your favourite cliche here... that said it does 
>seem to fail more often when there is less overall network traffic 
>(ie the middle of the night) and the throughput is higher.  No 519s 
>using AppleTalk (and I have checked and all the G4s have different 
>node numbers so that is not the problem in our case)
>Our backup machine is 7300/180 with an AdvanSys UltraWide SCSI card 
>to a Sony DDS-4 drive.
>Adrian Smith

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