>One of the previous messages indicated the problem occuring on a 10T
>network, otherwise I'd suspect the (presumably OT) problem might be getting
>exposed by the higher throughput now that the G3 backup machine is on 100T,
>as the G4 has always been.  Can anyone else confirm seeing the problem on a
>10T only network?

Absolutley - we see it on a 10T unswitched network that can be as 
slow as...insert your favourite cliche here... that said it does seem 
to fail more often when there is less overall network traffic (ie the 
middle of the night) and the throughput is higher.  No 519s using 
AppleTalk (and I have checked and all the G4s have different node 
numbers so that is not the problem in our case)

Our backup machine is 7300/180 with an AdvanSys UltraWide SCSI card 
to a Sony DDS-4 drive.

Adrian Smith

Adrian Smith (PhD Student)        T CELL BIOLOGY GROUP
Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine & Cell Biology
Locked Bag No.6 Newtown, NSW 2042 AUSTRALIA.
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