Hey Erik,  your point about the "...6months ago..." is true!.   This is why we have elected to get yet another USB drive when it comes to it.
The 3rd drive will always be an old back-up.  3 drives will cost us $1200.00.   We think this will provide the security we need and still for
less cost than tape.   However, its a pretty ambiguous decision.  ie...Firetape is $800 and each tape is $250 (from pre-release article)  Tapes are 50 gigs as apposed to the HD's being 60.  I think you get one free tape with the Firetape.  So, it would cost a total of almost $1600 (4 tapes) which would give you a bit more space.  A little cheaper to go with HD's... but not much.

Erik Ableson wrote:

Back to the list after a long absence - the only issue with hard drive solutions is that they are not complete backup solutions since if anything truly disastrous happens (theft, fire etc) all your data is in one place.  Multiple HD's rotated off-site will take care of this but in the long run, tape becomes cheaper when you start keeping redundant copies - and they've saved my bacon a few times! Combining them makes for the best of both worlds in terms of data security with a local HD mirror for the quick accidental delete/system crash restores, and tape to handle the long term issues - "umm that project I worked on 6 months ago is gone".  Plus having tapes around gives you a nice archival option to free up disk space.. Cheers, ErikFeeling desperately insecure since he isn't following his own advice at home :)
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I personally would get a[snip]


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