> thanks very much for taking the time to share yr backup strategy with
> me, Malcom -- excellent ideas, since I basically have had no overall
> efficient strategy myself! i like yr idea of using a disc for
> increments, then weekly backing to tape.  I'll also do off-site storage
> for one backup set this time, too.

The major problem with using a disk drive duplication backup strategy is
that it leaves a lot of holes.
1. You're w/o a backup while the current one is running. So if things
die during the backup ....
2. You can't go back in time to get a file that you didn't notice was
missing or corrupted till after the last backup.
3. Destruction of the primary system has a good chance of destroying the
backup drive.

> PS:  I know there are many hi-end tape drives out there, but d'you know
> of a reliable one in the $300-range?

I like the HP DDS/DAT drives. Others differ. You can get a DDS-1
refurbished HP for under $200. HP will sign you up for a maintenance
plan for about $45 per year that will ship you a replacement drive it
that one fails. These hold about 2.7 gig per tape and the tapes cost $4.

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