I just did an FPM-to-Revelation conversion; in the process, I came up with some
features that are not present, and not currently in the TODO list.

1. Searching for weak passwords/file-wide audit.

2. CVS/SVN accounts (maybe save for "custom" account types?)

3. Handling for accounts with multiple purposes, but one log-in (e.g., a Google
   account). With the folder-based approach, this would probably mean some sort
   of soft-linking scheme.

4. When doing an FPM import, use a "website" account type and fill in the URL if
   the FPM URL/Cmd field starts with an http:// or https://.

5. Support for entering multi-line notes without having to resort to
   cut-and-paste from an external app.

6. Fields for those stupid "[in]security questions" some sites insist on.

7. A "most frequently used" or similar, customizable view would be really handy
   (I spent most of my time in FPM on the "default" list).

8. The "phone" account type is confusing -- is it for a phone you own, or for a
   phone number you call and "log in" to? If the latter is the case, there needs
   to be a field for a user ID, not just a PIN. If the former is the case, a new
   account type for the latter would be nice.

9. Auto-saving of old passwords when generating a new password (e.g., a history

10. The ability to choose the length of the password at generation-time (instead
    of pre-configuring a set length). This is important, because some sites are
    obnoxious, and limit the length of passwords. Also, toggles similar to FPM
    for digits/special characters would be nice, since again, some sites forbid
    these. Just clone the whole FPM interface for this one. :p

Also, Revolution crashed 2-3 times while I was updating the account information
from the imported database. Since I have a lot of passwords, this wasn't too
bad, but it does worry me just a little (e.g., if I generate a new password for
an existing account, don't save, update the account, and then Revelation
crashes). I'll post a bug if I can manage to find a consistent repro.

Great work so far; thanks for taking on a utility like this, and for supporting
such a wide variety of password manager file formats.


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