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> Hi Travis,
> Apologies for the late reply - I've been pretty busy with other stuff
> lately, and I wanted to give this some thought. Really appreciate the
> good suggestions!

Trust me, I know how it goes. And my pleasure. :)

> Actually, from 0.5.0 I will be using tags instead of folders - then
> you'll just be able to tag your google account with web and email for
> example, and it will show up on both searches.

I'm not too keen on this tagging stuff, myself -- but I'll give it a
try. Will the tags at least have the ability to have a taxonomic
relation to one another? E.g., can I say that all IM tags count as
Communication tags, or that all Multiservice tags count as IM, E-mail,
and Hosting tags?

As an aside, this would adequately solve my "default list" issue.

> > Great work so far; thanks for taking on a utility like this, and
> > for supporting such a wide variety of password manager file formats.
> Thanks, glad you like it - feel free to make other suggestions as
> well :)

Oh, well, if you insist...

It would be kind of nice if I didn't have to toggle the "show all
passwords" to get the password generator to show me the password it
made. Go View -> Password Generator and generate a password to see
what I mean. :)

Also, the tooltip for "Open a file" seems to stick sometimes -- I
haven't tried for a consistent repro yet, but the general flow is that
I pick up a password from Revelation (double-click) alt-tab to the
browser (maximized), then ctrl-alt-(arrows) to switch to another
desktop. Sometimes, the tooltip pops up on the other desktops, and
remains in the same position on all desktops until I bring focus to
Revelation again. It's always for "Open a file", even though I never
hover over that icon when actually using Revelation.

Until the automatic password history gets implemented (and not a bad
feature in any case) would be to rotate the old keyring file before
saving the new version, similar to the way that FPM does. Naturally,
you could make this configurable, but default automatic backups tend to
be a Good Thing with a tool like this.

While I'm on the topic of defaults, it would be nice if Revelation made
a default keyring on first startup -- this was the only thing that made
it feel like it couldn't just go out-of-the-box for me.

Finally, the "updated" data is a nice touch, but it would be even
better if it reflected the last time the password changed, not just any
element of the account.



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