Well, I was going to get around to this eventually, although these aren't
actually feature requests for the file format, but since you're revamping
stuff, just wanted to make you aware of a couple things I thought would be
nice, in case they have any effect on the implementation.

1. is there currently a way to sort accounts? If not, that would be very
nice. Alpha by username would be fine, although I suppose other fields
(first or last name) could be useful too.
2. I noticed there is already a 'copy password' option. How difficult would
it be to add a 'copy username' function?
3. Lastly, would it be possible (or maybe this isn't desirable for the
majority of users) to have toobar buttons for copy password (and copy
username, if it is implemented).

I may be able to use work time (since this is where we use it) to pitch in
on this, but I'll have to do a major refresher on coding and such.
Thanks for anything you can do.

Shane Bishop

On 2/12/07, Erik Grinaker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


I'm just about to start working on the new file format, but want to
check if I've forgotten any important features. I want to try to avoid
file format changes for a while, so speak now or forever hold your
peace ;p

The planned new file format features are:

- using tags instead of folders
- custom account types
- custom fields per account
- custom launchers per account (overrides default launcher)
- multi-line note field on all accounts
- password history for password fields
- database merging
- new default account types (will be discussed at a later time)
- possibly LUKS-based encryption (needs investigation)

I have also gotten requests for attaching files to accounts - is there a
great demand for this? What would the typical use-cases be?

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