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Comment #2 on issue 1967 by chip...@gmail.com: post-review 0.3 unexpected diff behaviour and git repository fatal error

Review Board has to talk to a repository in order to show the side-by-side diffs. It doesn't display *only* the uploaded diff, but also all the context around it (and interdiffs, optionally), requiring the full files. So it must talk to the repository.

Git doesn't have a concept of remote file access for a repository. You need a full clone. So, we offer two ways to configure a Git repository. Either you have a local clone and Path: points to that on the filesystem, or you have Path point to a remote repository (like you're doing) and you set the Raw URL mask field to point to a special path on a Gitweb, cgit, etc. instance.

See the documentation for how to configure this.

This is why you're hitting the problems. It's a configuration issue.

As for generating diffs... when it complains that it's empty, is this when the code is in the index and not in a commit? We only do a diff against commits since the closest remote by default.

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