Comment #3 on issue 1967 by post-review 0.3 unexpected diff behaviour and git repository fatal error

Thank you for your reply. I realize the oversight now with regards to only providing a path and not a mirror (and need a local clone of the repository).

Does Review Board keep the local clone in sync with the master, or do I need to manually/automate pull downs?

I tried the diff when my changes were in the 'working copy' or uncommitted. But I also tried the diff after a commit (but not a push) as I understood Review Board was conceived with intent of using it pre-commit, and I had the same problem.

I will create a blog post with regards to the points you mentioned and some other helpful hints I compiled along the way. I found it difficult to find resources on using post-review in comparison to other SE tools I have had to setup in the past. Your help is definitely appreciated. I read that you managed to work on this FT at some point, is that still the case?

After making the configuration changes on the server-side, I was able to submit a review of uncommited changes by providing a diff file (which I produced using git diff --no-color --full-index --no-ext-diff). I'm not currently utilizing any branching techniques, I simply modify my clone of master, so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with my remaining issue ; not being able to post a review request without manually overriding the diff created by post-review. For example, with SVN, you can simply run post-review and all uncommitted files in the tree are incorporated in the diff. Forgive me I'm missing the obvious, I'm new to Git.

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