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Comment #4 on issue 1967 by chip...@gmail.com: post-review 0.3 unexpected diff behaviour and git repository fatal error

Review Board doesn't manage your clone at all. What some people do is have a post-commit hook somewhere in the upstream repository that triggers an update on the Review Board server, or have the RB server mount the other clone remotely.

We tend to point people toward the cgit/gitweb/etc method, as that's more reliable, and has the added benefit of having a repository browser set up, which can be useful.

Review Board was designed for pre-commit, but, more specifically, pre-commit on repositories like Subversion and Perforce. It's a bit different with Git. Really, it's more "changes that aren't on the upstream repository" rather than "changes not committed somewhere." When using Git, what we do is commit the change to a branch, and then run post-review. It will post the commits between the remote and HEAD. (If you pass --guess-summary and --guess-description, it will also provide some defaults for your review request).

However, if your change is on master 9or some other branch tracking a remote branch), it will fail, because it's trying to go up the chain until it finds something on a branch tracking a remote. In the case of commits on master, it will find master itself, decide there's nothing to diff, and fail. Generally, it's advisable for Git not to commit to master unless you intend for that to be pushed immediately. Changes not immediately being pushed upstream should nearly always start on a topic branch.

If there are specific things you'd like our docs to cover, let me know. You can file a bug calling out those areas. I'll try to get to it the next time I'm working on the docs.

I'm assuming FT means full time? I've never been full-time on this. All the Review Board work I do is completely in spare time, outside of my day job. Despite misconceptions, Review Board was never a VMware product, and I never worked on it as part of my day job. We do try to get as much done as possible, though. I certainly do spend a good number of hours per day on it.

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