I had the same settings.py issue, although if I fixed the settings.py
issue I would get a djiblets not-found error.

I got around both issues by adding the following into my conf file.

On my windows box (conf'd at docroot) :
                PythonPath "['D:/www/reviewboard'] + ['D:/www'] + sys.path"

On my linux boxes (conf'd as virtualhosts):
                PythonPath "['/var/www/reviewboard'] + ['/var/www'] + sys.path"

On Sep 16, 8:33 pm, wex <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Actually, it seems like I'm getting an error trying to find the
> settings.py file in my apache logs:
> [Tue Sep 16 12:33:21 2008] [error] [client]   File "c:\
> \Python25\\Lib\\site-packages\\django\\conf\\__init__.py", line 94, in
> __init__\n    raise ImportError, "Could not import settings '%s' (Is
> it on sys.path? Does it have syntax errors?): %s" %
> (self.SETTINGS_MODULE, e), referer:http://maki/
> [Tue Sep 16 12:33:21 2008] [error] [client] ImportError:
> Could not import settings 'settings' (Is it on sys.path? Does it have
> syntax errors?): No module named settings, referer:http://maki/
> On Sep 16, 11:23 am, wex <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I'm still struggling to get reviewboard installed on my Windows server
> > using Apache 2.0.  I've got the mod_python module loading and
> > reviewboard passing the basic tests with the built-in server, and I'm
> > trying to finish off my Apache installation.  I think I'm stuck on the
> > timeouts because I still don't have mod_fastcgi installed.  I'm
> > getting the "Review Board is taking a nap" message when I navigate to
> > the server.
> > I'm trying to build mod_fastcgi from the source, but I don't have VS
> > 6.0.  I only have VS 8.0 and the projects don't convert properly
> > (sigh).
> > Does anyone have a version of mod_fastcgi.so that I can use with
> > Apache 2.0 under Windows?
> > Is there another workaround for the Apache configuration so that we
> > don't get the timeout/nap message?
> > The only Apache config docs I can find for reviewboard are the two
> > example conf files.  Are there any other docs I should know about?
> > Thanks,
> > Dan Wexler
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