This was a red herring.  When the "Reviewboard is napping" message was
displayed, I figured something was running slowly, and I inferred the
problem was that I didn't have the mod_fastcgi working.  That's wrong,
of course.  There is no requirement for mod_fastcgi.  The real problem
was that  the PythonPath in my httpd.conf file was wrong.  It needs to
point at the directories containing the reviewboard settings files.
Also, it seems that the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE value in the httpd.conf
file refers to directories with period.  That is, if it is set to
"reviewboard.settings", as specified in the example on the reviewboard
Getting Started docs, then it will look for the file "reviewboard/" relative to the PythonPath setting.  So, in my case, my
settings file is in C:/reviewboard/ which means that I need
to have "C:/" in the PythonPath.

This is for Apache 2.0 under Windows XP.

Hope this helps someone else with reviewboard/Django Windows Apache

On Sep 17, 1:35 am, fharrison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I meant to say you don't _need_ mod_fastcgi just python & mod_python.
> Have a look at:
> F.
> On Sep 16, 7:23 pm, wex <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I'm still struggling to get reviewboard installed on my Windows server
> > using Apache 2.0.  I've got the mod_python module loading and
> > reviewboard passing the basic tests with the built-in server, and I'm
> > trying to finish off my Apache installation.  I think I'm stuck on the
> > timeouts because I still don't have mod_fastcgi installed.  I'm
> > getting the "Review Board is taking a nap" message when I navigate to
> > the server.
> > I'm trying to build mod_fastcgi from the source, but I don't have VS
> > 6.0.  I only have VS 8.0 and the projects don't convert properly
> > (sigh).
> > Does anyone have a version of that I can use with
> > Apache 2.0 under Windows?
> > Is there another workaround for the Apache configuration so that we
> > don't get the timeout/nap message?
> > The only Apache config docs I can find for reviewboard are the two
> > example conf files.  Are there any other docs I should know about?
> > Thanks,
> > Dan Wexler
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