The problem is we're trying to use latest SVN checkouts and keep
updating it.

I'm using my own install scripts, just wraps a direct SVN checkout. I
tried eggs, but it installs RB to somewhere like
This path changes everytime I upgrade to latest SVN revision, can
caused great problem for Apache config file, like
[Alias /reviewboard/media /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/reviewboard/
Same problem happens to Djblets. When I install Django as egg, it just
installs into:
Much easier for path finding. If I have to soft link media path by
hand, why not use a script and do a "svn export", which can work

Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> We need to know who is still running Review Board directly out of a SVN
> checkout, rather than through an installed copy (by way of "make install").
> We're trying to transition away from Makefiles for installation and toward
> Python eggs. However, this requires a few changes in our SVN tree:
> 1) Most everything currently in the top-level "reviewboard" directory will
> move into a subdirectory. This means directories such as "reviews,"
> "scmtools," etc. Directories such as "contrib" will stay where they are.
> This will break any python paths you have set up if you're running out of a
> SVN checkout.
> 2) We'll no longer include Djblets or Django-Evolution directly in the SVN
> tree. These should be installed as separate packages. We'll make this easy
> to do.
> 3) All Makefiles will be removed in favor of
> Python eggs will make installation far easier. Once we've transitioned over
> fully, installing or upgrading Review Board will only require running
> "easy_install ReviewBoard" on the command line, or running "sudo
> install" in an SVN checkout. The Django, Djblets and Django-Evolution
> dependencies will be fetched and installed automatically for you.
> Before we start to do the final work needed for this, we'd like to know what
> kind of impact this will have on people. If you're using "make install" you
> should be fine (though you'll have to stop using "make install" and start
> using "").
> If people could let us know if they are running directly out of an SVN
> checkout, it would help. And we'd advise transitioning to a proper
> installation as soon as possible.
> Thanks!
> Christian
> --
> Christian Hammond - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> VMware, Inc.
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