Hi everyone.

We need to know who is still running Review Board directly out of a SVN
checkout, rather than through an installed copy (by way of "make install").

We're trying to transition away from Makefiles for installation and toward
Python eggs. However, this requires a few changes in our SVN tree:

1) Most everything currently in the top-level "reviewboard" directory will
move into a subdirectory. This means directories such as "reviews,"
"scmtools," etc. Directories such as "contrib" will stay where they are.
This will break any python paths you have set up if you're running out of a
SVN checkout.

2) We'll no longer include Djblets or Django-Evolution directly in the SVN
tree. These should be installed as separate packages. We'll make this easy
to do.

3) All Makefiles will be removed in favor of setup.py.

Python eggs will make installation far easier. Once we've transitioned over
fully, installing or upgrading Review Board will only require running
"easy_install ReviewBoard" on the command line, or running "sudo setup.py
install" in an SVN checkout. The Django, Djblets and Django-Evolution
dependencies will be fetched and installed automatically for you.

Before we start to do the final work needed for this, we'd like to know what
kind of impact this will have on people. If you're using "make install" you
should be fine (though you'll have to stop using "make install" and start
using "setup.py").

If people could let us know if they are running directly out of an SVN
checkout, it would help. And we'd advise transitioning to a proper
installation as soon as possible.



Christian Hammond - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
VMware, Inc.

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