I am using CVS as my code repository and the Post Review tool, and we
wish to do post commit reviews and have been successful for some
cases. However,  I have some diff scenarios that I am having trouble
generating easily in order to successfully create the code reviews I

Aside: Is there an future support that would allow users to avoid
working with the diff files altogether? One thing that was nice about
Crucible is you could view the repository as part of the web interface
and select any files you want for review. While this had some cons to
it, ultimately I think this was 1 of Crucible's strong points. I bring
this up because the diff file approach I am finding a bit frustrating
even with Post Review. While I usually prefer the command line, I am
finding for my code reviews I was wishing I could just select the
files (plus tag/revision) I want easily in a UI and be on my way and
not worry about the diff hassles I have been having. Just my 2
cents ;)

Ok now for the cases....

Case 1: Sometimes the diffs I create in Post Review contains full
repository path information and sometimes it doesn't
Ok, this is strange and I haven't been able to nail down why this
happens, but sometimes the full repo path is in the diff file and
sometimes it isn't. This is an issue for us because I am creating the
diff from the writeable repository and I have reviewboard set up
against the read only repository and the paths are different.

**********file start*******************************
? samplediff.txt
cvs diff: Diffing .
Index: table_postgres_schema.tpl
RCS file: /opt/cvsroot/foo/platform/templates/env/

(rest of file cut off for brevity)
**********file finish*******************************

I know that the problem is that the RCS file has the "cvsroot" in it
and my read only repository path contains "RO_cvsroot"instead of
"cvsroot". I can fix this by modifying the path manually in the diff
file to match, but I'd rather avoid that.

I did another diff at a later time, and no path info appeared

? samplediff.txt
cvs diff: Diffing .
Index: table_postgres_schema.tpl
RCS file: table_postgres_schema.tpl,v

So the question is, does anyone know how to consistently avoid having
full path info show up? I really wish I could remember the conditions
to reproduce these. I can't remember what I did but I do not believe I
did anything different intentionally (besides the usual varying tag
name/revisions number options when making different diff files).

Case 2: Need to define a list of specific files for a review
I have a code review that needs to be done at the end of the coding
cycle, and I have tagged that code (example: "RELEASE1"), but this
code review has a lot of files associated with that tag and should be
logically separated into separate code reviews for ease of review. For
example, I may want to separate database code, front end and back end
code because different people would be reviewing different areas, also
we don't want one big monolithic code review (it's just unwieldy).  I
realize I can add an extra tag on the files that would designate what
their code review they should belong to  (ex: File 1 has 2 tags
associated with it, "RELEASE_1" (the tag that all files hold for the
project) and "DB_CODE_REVIEW" (the tag that only files that should be
included in the db code review should hold). but I'd like to avoid
that because I think its a bit cluttered. I'd prefer to specify the
files to PostReview because I don't think the code review tags have
any value once the code review is set up (I can remove them after I am
done I guess). By the way, I tried to specify a single filename to
PostReview, but it ignores this as far as I can see. I can do this
directly with CVS diff successfully, but I get the full repo path
(problem cited in Case 1) and I have to change that manually.

To remedy this..any chance Post Review can be modified to handle an
external file that contain a list of specific files that should be
included in the review? I can do this myself but then when I upgrade I
have to manage my own version of post review and that's no fun. Just a

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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