fts1050 wrote:
> To remedy this..any chance Post Review can be modified to handle an
> external file that contain a list of specific files that should be
> included in the review? I can do this myself but then when I upgrade I
> have to manage my own version of post review and that's no fun. Just a
> suggestion.

I have a modification that implements this with a -l flag, I'm going to 
be out for a few weeks so I'm not in a position to share the change at 
the moment as I made the change to a subclass of SCMClient rather than 
SCMClient (so everyone can benefit) I plan on doing this at some point. 
Probably quicker to implement what you need now rather than waiting for me.

it looks like this though:
        if not files_list and options.piccolo_flist:
            filteptr = open(options.piccolo_flist)
            files_list = filteptr.readlines()
        parser.add_option("-l", "--filelist_filename",
                          dest="piccolo_flist", default=None,
                          help='File containing list of files in change.')


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