Thanks for the feedback. I almost went ahead and made these changes,
then I realized that it might not be worth it as we are starting to
think that, for our needs, post review is not fully featured enough
for what we need to do. Even with CVS diff we found we needed to
manually make changes to the diff files. An example of this is a case
where a single review contains multiple diffs. Each diff represents a
different start and end revision, and we want several of those in the
same review, Until Reviewboard supports multiple diff file reviews, we
need to manually aggregate any individual diff files together into a
single diff file to have it in one review.

Therefore, CVS diff plus some manual steps is really the way to go for
us for now. We acknowledge our workflow might be very different from
others, so this is not a criticism of post review or ReviewBoard. We
are very happy to have any tool at all.  In the meantime we will be
keeping our eye out for post review feature adds and maybe we will
start using it at some point. For now, CVS diff works fine for us.


On Oct 28, 11:39 am, Chris Clark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> fts1050wrote:
> > To remedy this..any chance Post Review can be modified to handle an
> > external file that contain a list of specific files that should be
> > included in the review? I can do this myself but then when I upgrade I
> > have to manage my own version of post review and that's no fun. Just a
> > suggestion.
> I have a modification that implements this with a -l flag, I'm going to
> be out for a few weeks so I'm not in a position to share the change at
> the moment as I made the change to a subclass of SCMClient rather than
> SCMClient (so everyone can benefit) I plan on doing this at some point.
> Probably quicker to implement what you need now rather than waiting for me.
> it looks like this though:
> ....
>         if not files_list and options.piccolo_flist:
>             filteptr = open(options.piccolo_flist)
>             files_list = filteptr.readlines()
>             filteptr.close()
> .....
>         parser.add_option("-l", "--filelist_filename",
>                           dest="piccolo_flist", default=None,
>                           help='File containing list of files in change.')
> ....
> Chris
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