Hi folks,
  Along the lines of issue #521 
(http://code.google.com/p/reviewboard/issues/detail?id=521) but less extensive 
and intrusive, I have a patch to set an email header (currently 
X-ReviewBoard-Groups) to a comma-separated lists of the target groups.  This 
allows email filtering without mucking with the subject line, imposing on 
people who don't care, or having to maintain email lists in parallel with 
review board groups :-)

  Having not previously been involved with development of this project, I'm 
uncertain what to do with this:
* File a bug
* Post a review request :-)
* Wait until after 1.0
* Some combination of the above

Note that while I have tested locally, I have not written any sort of unit test 
for it yet.  That should probably come before a unit test, assuming there is 

My apologies if the process is documented somewhere.  I poked around the 
roadmap and whatnot but didn't notice anything obvious.

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