On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 12:43 PM, SamClark <pimp.roc...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well if I hack the file to look exactly like the svn diff output I get
> the 'patch didn't apply cleanly' issue, which is expected i guess.
> The patch command doesn't output anything. It just fails silently and
> doesn't leave me with any additional file (I'm assuming the patched
> file would appear in the same directory the patch command was run in).
> As a side note I'm using diff and patch from diffutils, should
> I try patchutils under cygwin (Is that even possible? my cygwin
> experience is zilch)
Yes, the patched file should appear in the same directory. Can you try
running patch without the --output=patched option? It should output to
I use diff/patch from gnuwin32 (gnuwin32.sourceforge.net), but it
shouldn't make a difference.

> Maybe off-topic but is it possible that tortoiseSVN touching my
> repository messed things up?
Doesn't sound like it. There's something fundamentally wrong here if
we can't get patch to use the patch generated by diff. If we work out
what's going on here, we'll be able to get this to work.

> Ok maybe I missed a step somewhere. I haven't touched Cygwin except to
> install patchutils? All I have done is (beyond installing many
> dependencies):
> [snip]
> Am I missing something?
Looks alright to me.

Muhammad Haggag

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