Something which appears frequently here is "you should really be using
post-review". At the moment, this is a bad answer, because there is no
usable Windows GUI that does post-review.

First, let me give you some of my background. I am
Linux-Emacs-Python-Bazaar kind of programmer. I worked for several
years as a programmer on, and before that I
worked on For the last year I have been working
in an investment bank, in a team where the standard development
environment is Windows-Visual-C++-TortoiseSVN.  Note that I say
TortoiseSVN: most of folks involved in writing code are actually
mathematicians, they do not consider themselves as programmers
(they're wrong), but getting them to use command-line Subversion is
out of the question. First because sucks, but also because
they are just not interested in this kind of arcana.

Now, I introduced ReviewBoard there because doing code reviews by
mailing around unified diffs, as I used to do it on Launchpad, was
just unnecessary distracting pain to my Windows-using collaborators.
In this context, they easiest and least distracting way I found for
them submit reviews was to show them the specific recipe required for
TortoiseSVN to generate diffs that contain paths that reviewboard can
process (the naive approach produces a diff with absolute filesystem
paths, gah!).

I would love to be able to tell them: Here's a setup.exe, after you
install it, you will have new contextual menu entry in explorer that
allows up to submit a new review or upload a new diff to an existing
review. But until there is something close to that, they will still
use TortoiseSVN to generate a diff.

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