I am looking for that info as well.

>From what I can see (from today's svn checkout of
http://reviewboard.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/reviewboard) there is a
ClearCaseTool class for it. I tried adding a repo tool like so:

Tool: Clearcase
Class name: reviewboard.scmtools.clearcase.ClearCaseTool

But I cannot see any changes in post-review tool. There is no mention
about clearcase or cleartool. How do I post diffs for review with

Best regards,
Bartek Celary

2009/3/26 lasseo <lars.olsso...@gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> As from Review Board 1.0 alpha 2, there is an announced support for
> Clearcase.
> Yesterday, I downloaded the alpha 4 version with the hope  of getting
> it up and running against our clearcase environment.
> Unfortunately, I can not find any documentation on how to configure it
> for Clearcase.
> Are there any examples present on the website/net?
> Can someone please provide hints on how to configure it?
> My issues so far:
> -       At the moment I can not select Clearcase as tool when adding a new
> repository
> -       What is the syntax when adding a clearcase repository
> -       How and where do I specify my Clearcase view?
> All hints are appreciated.
> Best Regards,
> Lars
> >

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