Tom, have you tried my CSharp PostReview tool?

On May 7, 10:08 am, Tom Emerson <> wrote:
> I'm (unfortunately) working in a windows shop and have built a
> stand-alone executable of post-review using py2exe. It works great,
> except for people who don't have cygwin installed: they get an error
> like:
> Failed to execute command: ['svn', 'diff', '--diff-cmd=diff']
> ['\n', 'Property changes on: .\n',
> '___________________________________________________________________\n',
> 'Modified: s
> vn:ignore\n', '   - *.resharper\n', '*.suo\n', '*.user\n', '*.pdb\n',
> 'bin\n', 'obj\n', 'lib\n', 'Build\n', 'Package\n',
>  'References\n', '\n', '   + *.resharper\n', '*.suo\n', '*.user\n',
> '*.pdb\n', 'bin\n', 'obj\n', 'lib\n', 'Build\n', 'Pa
> ckage\n', 'References\n', '\n', '\n', 'Index: Build
> Scripts/References.include\n', '
> ===================================================================\n',
> "svn: Can't start process 'diff': The system can
> not find the file specified.  \n"]
> Why is svn diff being invoked with --diff-cmd? I can't force the rest
> of the company to install 'diff', and certainly when they manually
> upload the diffs they are not using --diff-cmd to generate them, so
> why is post-review?
> Thanks for the insight!
>     -tree
> --
> Tom Emerson
> tremer...@gmail.com
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