On Wednesday 12 August 2009 22:55:44 Christian Hammond wrote:
> Given that this error has been seen on both yours and ClearCase, it's
> possible it's somewhere internal to Review Board.
> Try this... Edit reviewboard/webapi/json.py, scroll down to the new_diff
> function, and locate the "except Exception, e:" line.
> Remove that whole block for that exception (including the except: line) and
> then restart your web server.
> If you run post-review with --debug again, you should see an error page
> instead (assuming you still have DEBUG set to True). I imagine this is
> where the error is being caught and turned into a field error.
> I'd really like to know what the results are of this test, and where the
> problem is.

Strangely, RB seems to route the diff upload through the ClearCase SCM. The 
error happens at:

  elem_path = elem_path[elem_path.rindex("vobs/")+5:]

  drive '' 
  elem_path u'/MessageConfiguration.java' 
  path u'/MessageConfiguration.java' 


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