It sounds like it's actually using the ClearCase SCM instead of your own.
Are you sure your repository entry is still mapping to your custom SCM?

In 1.0, we accidentally left out the database entry for the ClearCase SCM,
and added it back. When you did the rb-site upgrade, it probably replaced
your entry with the ClearCase one.

This is pretty much the problem with using the database for these
registrations. I'm looking into doing some introspection to find all the
available SCMs instead of looking them up from a database so that this won't
be an issue in the future.


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Review Board -
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On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 2:27 PM, Thilo-Alexander Ginkel <>wrote:

> On Wednesday 12 August 2009 22:55:44 Christian Hammond wrote:
> > Given that this error has been seen on both yours and ClearCase, it's
> > possible it's somewhere internal to Review Board.
> >
> > Try this... Edit reviewboard/webapi/, scroll down to the new_diff
> > function, and locate the "except Exception, e:" line.
> >
> > Remove that whole block for that exception (including the except: line)
> and
> > then restart your web server.
> >
> > If you run post-review with --debug again, you should see an error page
> > instead (assuming you still have DEBUG set to True). I imagine this is
> > where the error is being caught and turned into a field error.
> >
> > I'd really like to know what the results are of this test, and where the
> > problem is.
> Strangely, RB seems to route the diff upload through the ClearCase SCM. The
> error happens at:
> [...]
> reviewboard\scmtools\
> reviewboard\scmtools\
> reviewboard\scmtools\
>  elem_path = elem_path[elem_path.rindex("vobs/")+5:]
> Vars:
>  drive ''
>  elem_path u'/'
>  path u'/'
> Thanks,
> Thilo
> >

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