Hi Folks

We are very happily running reviewboard 1.0 at work, using lighthttpd
(although I suspect that doesn't actually affect this problem, but I
mention it just in case). It works flawlessly for all file types
except Scala, which we have recently started using/committing.

The problem is that when trying to view the differences in a changeset
with scala files in it, the python appears to go into a CPU intensive
infinite loop (my guess is probably trying to parse the scala well
enough to do some syntax coloring or something). Has anyone else seen
this (is anyone else using it for Scala diffs?) and can anyone point
me to a fix (like, is it easy to disable syntax coloring attempts just
for .scala files)?

I am about to try 1.0.1 since I see that has been released, but I
don't see anything in the list of bug fixes that might address this,
so I thought I would put a feeler out here as well.



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