Eventually, I restarted httpd and tried again... and got it working.
So now I'm not going to touch it :)

My settings - to connect to a Active Directory server, using an
anonymous proxy agent (ie our AD is configured not to allow direct
connections from the untrusted world, but I can connect using a
special user account that is set up) are:

LDAP Server: "ldap://myldap.mydomain.com:389";   <-- this is important,
although other systems accept just the hostname, RB needs to be told
what port to connect to. (You might need to use the AD Global Catalog
on port 3268 instead)

LDAP Base DN: "DC=mydomain,DC=com"

E-Mail LDAP Attribute: "mail"

User Mask: "sAMAccountName=%s"
Anonymous User Mask: "CN=spec_user_id,OU=Service

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