On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 15:18, Al West <a...@tsew.net> wrote:
> Okay so at least I know it works!  I did try using LDAP settings but
> it's only my second time using LDAP on Linux so I was getting the
> parameters wrong and locked myself out a few times.  How does one
> reset the authentication settings if this happens.  Though I don't
> have anything uploaded to review board it would save me doing a
> reinstall each time I lock myself out.

Reinstalling is not strictly necessary as you can tweak the site
configuration (and reset it to safe defaults) on the database.

Apart from that you may want to look into tcpdump to figure out
whether any communication is happening at all and where it starts
failing (does it talk to the LDAP server, does the DNS lookup fail,


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