I agree with all the sentiments in this thread.  Tiptoeing into policy
areas is a slippery slope, it has its devoted fans and equally devoted

But I think this can be implemented as something much less onerous
than a thick policy.  It can simply be a filter option that does not
show items that you have commented on or marked Ship It.  Those that
care can select the option.  Or perhaps it can be a different view of
Incoming Requests.

In using Review Board this year, I have found that it is a great idea
to manage a problem every shop has.  The one issue I have experienced
is inbox clutter- reviews that have long since been baked and done,
but still hanging there.  Or reviews that I skipped over for various
reasons, but then get lost in the pile.

Maybe a new view- Reviews You Need to Act On or something like that?

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