I used post-review to create review request. in the form as:
"post-review --username=A --password=Apassword --target-person=C myfile";
But when I want to post reviewrequest as another user, like B, I type:
"post-review --username=B --password=Bpassword --target-person=C myfile"; This 
time , When I logged in the WebUI to publish my reviewrequest. I found that 
actually post-review didn't create reviewrequest as user B ,But create as user 
A again!
   I think it is because my first using user A account has created a cookie for 
it, and the second using of post-review is not authenticate B user at all. It 
will be nothing for practical usage because each RB client may be using a 
permanent account, But as a tester, He may need to log in the same machine with 
different account. So I think it is a problem then.

Best Regards!  

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