One more thing...
The post-review script we have has the class called PerforceClient
which gets the repository info. and creates diff.
I do not see any class for GITClient.
Do I need to create such class on my own?


On Jan 23, 11:10 am, Kunjal <> wrote:
> Hello Chris,
> We do have RB-Perforce integration working perfect!
> We want RB-GIT integration as well.
> Here are the steps I can think of. Can you evaluate it?
> 1. Add new repository for GIT in RB.
> 2. Install RB tools in Linux machines. We do have our own version of
> post-review. can we just replace it?
> 3. what are the commands to be used to post review? For perforce, we
> are using post-review.exe 234545
> For GIT, I have to give latest commit number? post-review 0er545455 ?
> 4. Any other things I need to take care.
> Thanks for your help.
> Kunjal

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