On 2011-01-29 4:03, Christian Hammond wrote:
Hi Scott,

The ordering is, I believe, based on the name. Changing the name
shouldn't invalidate anything, as we key things based on the
repository's numeric ID.

I changed the name of my least-used repository, and it did correctly change the ordering without having any obvious ill effects on new or existing issues, so that workaround is apparently viable.

There's nothing for changing the default order. There are feature
requests filed asking to pre-select a default for a user based on what
they used last, which might be nice. I don't know if it'd particularly
solve your problem, at least not for the first-time user, but maybe we
could flag a default. Would that help, or do you still really want to
control a certain order?

I think that it would be nice. The workaround of putting a prefix on the name is going to be awkward for post-review users, because the ordering prefix won't be obvious (and might change if the admin decided to reorder).

At the moment, post-review isn't very convenient for us to use because its mercurial repository selection is cumbersome. The repo name has to match the full url as configured on the server. Since we have a heavily distributed development methodology, it's not at all uncommon for a changeset to be based on repo B, which is in turn forked from repo A and have it submitted for review against A. This works just fine if you happen to know the full url, and that the copy of the url in the reviewboard configuration insists on having a '/' on the end, but as I said it's cumbersome. What I'd like to do is to add a post-review argument that specifies the repository name as configured in reviewboard, and then have it use the REST API to get the translation of that to url (essentially what happens when you post using the web ui - you never do need to see or use the url). So names should be stable and predictable.

I'll have to poll my users to see whether they'd prefer the web ui to have convenient name ordering, or to have less predictable names for post-review... can live with it for now either way, but not having to make the choice would be good.

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