I went back through my notes and backed out everything I had installed
following the original install instructions and then added the EPEL
repo. The EPEL repo and its ReviewBoard installed smoothly. I found
that I needed to re-install mysql-server. That completed, I set the
permissions on the mysql db and started at the rb-install script

# rb-site install /var/www/reviewboard

* Welcome to the Review Board site installation wizard

    This will prepare a Review Board site installation in:


    We need to know a few things before we can prepare your site for
    installation. This will only take a few minutes.

* Required modules are missing

    You are missing Python modules that are needed before the
    installation process. You will need to install the necessary
    modules and restart the install.

    Databases (required):
        * sqlite3 (pysqlite2, sqlite3)
        * MySQL (MySQLdb)
        * PostgreSQL (psycopg2)

Do I start here with some way to install the python-mysqldb ?
After that, will the rb-site drop Reviewboard recommended information
for configuration data in a file in /etc/httpd/config.d ?

On Apr 8, 9:59 am, Stephen Gallagher <step...@gallagherhome.com>
> On 04/08/2011 11:57 AM, Dean wrote:> If I use this method (very attractive) 
> do you recommend I back out the
> > steps I've made prior to using your yum/rpm install?
> It's always a good idea to start from a clean state, yes. However
> RPM/yum *should* be able to handle things for you here.

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