> * Required modules are missing
>    You are missing Python modules that are needed before the
>    installation process. You will need to install the necessary
>    modules and restart the install.
>    Databases (required):
>        * sqlite3 (pysqlite2, sqlite3)
>        * MySQL (MySQLdb)
>        * PostgreSQL (psycopg2)
> Do I start here with some way to install the python-mysqldb ?
> After that, will the rb-site drop Reviewboard recommended information
> for configuration data in a file in /etc/httpd/config.d ?

The package you're looking for is
Unfortunately, I just remembered about
https://partner-bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=555868 which means that
the version shipped in RHEL 5 (and CentOS) is too old for use with Django
and ReviewBoard right now. So you'll probably need to rebuild this package
with version 1.2.1p2 or later. Probably the easiest way to accomplish this
would be to download
then use 'rpmbuild --rebuild <srpm>' to rebuild it for your platform.
('yum-builddep <srpm>' is also useful for installing any prerequisites
needed for building)

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